3 Ways I Can Help

Depending on what your goals are at the moment and what you're needing help with the most, there are three options of how I might be able to help. 


Becoming Her 1:1 Personalized Program

We'll work together weekly to get clarity around the women you want to be the face of your business, a plan to start becoming her and talk tools, tactics and strategy for showing up as her consistently. Whether you're looking to grow an existing business or start a new one on the right foot, this customized experience might be for you. 


Impact and Income Using Instagram: A Collaboration Club

After the 8 weeks is over, we'll have created and started to implement a multi-media strategy on Instagram using compelling posts, hashtags, Stories, Lives, IGTV and engagement to get you more visible based on your unique goals and interests. You'll be well on your way to being more known among your followers and building up that know, like and trust factor that allows followers to become customers.  


Done For You Services

Whether its setting up an overall personal branding strategy, planning your content calendar, growing your Instagram account, coordinating PR related events like podcast interviews and guest blogs, building your email list, or anything else related to marketing yourself and getting known so you can make an impact, let's talk! Because these needs vary from client to client, the easiest place to start is a quick call that you can schedule below. 


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